5 Things To Do Immediately About Creative Self-Doubt

Doubt comes in many forms, and it can arise from a number of different situations, whether you are aware of it or not. Sometimes, when you doubt yourself for too long, you end up losing a lot of your confidence, which can harm you and cripple your creative mind.

The following points are some things I’ve found helpful whenever dealing with a long bout of creative self-doubt.

Give Yourself a Break

You deserve it. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t always realise how important resting and looking after yourself are, and how much of a difference they can make to your overall mental health, and in turn, your confidence and creativity. Go for a walk, nap, talk to family and friends.

Ask for Reassurance

Loved ones can help highlight the positives in your life, your achievements and the things you are good at, in a time when you seem to only be able to focus on the negatives. Never allow self-doubt to grow a stronghold and isolate you.

Get Inspired

Find something that reminds you of where you want to go. There are too many distractions and temptations around us. By bringing your focus back on your goals and getting inspired, you will be more equipped to fight the voice in your head that says otherwise.

Try Something New

Whenever you try something new, you get a new sense of clarity and accomplishment. Sometimes a shift in perspective and the boost in confidence might be exactly what you need.


It really does make perfect. Rest assured, every great man or woman who’s ever created something has had their share of self-doubt. But through practice and persistence, they’ve surpassed themselves and come out the other end. You can do the same.

Don’t let doubt stop you from creating. Acknowledge it, take the necessary steps to eliminate/diminish it, and keep going. Leave a comment and tell me how do you deal with creative self-doubt.



2 thoughts on “5 Things To Do Immediately About Creative Self-Doubt

  1. Thanks for this, Adriana. I’m plagued by this right now. Just finished my new novel and i have fallen into tje self-doubt hole. Trying to get out of it, but doubting your own ability is troubling. I would love to leave it, but have a deadline. Thankfully, my wife is there for me and giving me confidence to carry on.


    1. I’m glad this helped! I’ve been dealing with this issue for a few months now and I really think sometimes you just need a break from it all, even if it is your chosen career path. #relax


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