My Publishing Research Project

I’m doing a study about stigma in publishing and I need both readers and authors’ help to collect meaningful data.

For years, publishing has been controlled by gatekeepers, people who have the final say in what is worthy of reaching an audience, but the digital revolution has brought with it more means for writers to self-publish. They can easily access goods and freelance services in order to edit, design, print and distribute a book, but how has their work been received?

The stigma around self-publishing has grown strong over the last decades, because this opportunity has opened up the marketplace to anyone who cares enough to put in a little bit of work, and that means more than a few bad cases have managed to get into readers’ hands, only to be discarded quickly due to their lack of quality.

My project aims to challenge this stigma. By collecting data from authors and readers, I want to raise the argument that self-publishing isn’t all bad, just like traditional publishing isn’t all good.

Here is where you can help!

Due to recent events that shall remain unnamed, social media engagements have gone down. The internet is flooded with additional content, and it is harder for online data collection to break through and reach the right audiences, or stay on their feed long enough to capture their attention. The more responses I get, the better I can understand what is happening and the more relevant this study becomes.

I am collecting data through two online surveys:

A Reader Survey

The first one is a survey aimed at readers – anyone who buys books online or in-person can fill this survey out. It looks at what influences book-buyers’ purchases in order to determine what someone who wants to self-publish might want to focus on in order to get their book into readers’ hands. This survey takes all but 5 minutes to complete.

Reader survey:

An Author Survey

The second survey is aimed at published authors – anyone who has a book out there, or is soon to have a book out there, from self-published to traditionally published and everything in between, is welcome to fill this survey out. It looks at authors’ experience with publishing, trying to determine how much writers themselves contribute to the stigma. It is a bit more detailed than the reader one, but it should still only take 10 minutes to complete.

Author survey:

If you fall under any of these categories or know someone who does, I would be ever so grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the surveys and share them so that they can reach the right people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and help me with my research!


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