How to Make a Map of Your Fictional Setting

What you will need: 3 sheets of paper various writing instruments: pencil, pen, a light grey marker paints of any kind (I used diluted gouache in lieu of watercolours) paintbrushes of various sizes a smartphone with a camera or a scanner a photo manipulation software with an overlay effect (I used Photoshop, but you canContinue reading “How to Make a Map of Your Fictional Setting”

My Publishing Research Project

I’m doing a study about stigma in publishing and I need both readers and authors’ help to collect meaningful data.

All About My Writer’s Notebook

Most writers I know have an addiction to something (coffee, Twitter, buying books, stationary). I have been collecting notebooks for years and years, and recently I have started to make my own. I really enjoy crafting my own supplies. I feel like it gives me a certain kind of creative independence, and it allows meContinue reading “All About My Writer’s Notebook”

My Teeth – A Poem

My teeth are the resting place of a hodgepodged smile. I press my fingertips into my mouth, to feel them. My fingernails are searching for a shred of my voice that might be stuck between my teeth. Instead, I find seeds of doubt sticking to my molars, and this poem hiding under my tongue.